Credit Repair Services

  • Review your credit report for inaccurate items.

  • Review of outdated accounts.

  • Review your credit report for inaccurate personal information.

  • Review accounts that can be made current.

  • Review accounts with high credit utilization.

  • Build a plan on how to fix information.

  • Build a plan to raise and rebuild your credit score.

  • Provide you with a detailed report of everything listed above.

  • Analysis and review of your credit file status.

  • Receiving and processing manual updates.

  • Review credit report updates to determine next steps.

  • Create a strategic plan to assist in meeting your goals.

  • Create and send dispute letters to creditors.

  • Assist with credit questions and process.

  • Provide ongoing credit education and educational materials.


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Our Services

  • Repair

The first step in getting your financial life back is removing inaccurate information from your credit report. The law allows any consumer to challenge inaccurate information on their credit report if that consumer feels that the items are inaccurate.

  • Rebuild

The second step to restoring your credit is to rebuild it while we work on removing inaccurate information. It’s not enough just to remove negative items, but you must prove to FICO and the creditors that you can make your payments on time.

  • Raise Your Score

The third step to restoring your credit is to focus on raising your credit score. As we all know, the credit score is the number one factor when it comes to getting approved for a loan. If you have a low credit score, you can get denied or pay high interest rates.

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