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How It Works

Identifying the Problems

Part of the first step on the path to better credit is to identify the inaccurate information that is bringing your score down. This is done through a deep credit analysis process. Once we know what the problems are, we will give you the information you need to take action to start having those inaccurate remarks remove and ultimately build your credit score. We will be here for you every step of the way and will make sure you know what to do at each step. Our only goal is to help consumers restore their credit ratings.

Challenging the Bureaus

Once we have identified all of the information that is not verifiable, inaccurate or misleading, we input it into our system. This allows us to begin the challenging process. The process will challenge the information reported by the credit bureau, the creditor and the collector. The dispute letters are sent out to each party. This process can take 30 to 40 days as we wait for replies and updates. We work to restore your credit from start to finish.

Analyzing the Updated Reports

After the updated reports have come back in from the suppliers, we will go over them once again to verify if the inaccurate, unverifiable or misleading information was removed or updated. If the information is still on the report, we go back to the entities that furnished the report and start asking questions about why the information was not removed or updated. If the information on the report has been updated, we move on to the next item that is worthy of a dispute.

Weekly Education

During the credit restoration process, we will provide you with information and the education you need to continue raising your credit score. You will be given information about what it takes to rebuild your credit. There are other products we offer that can help you with your credit rebuilding process. Things like credit monitoring and credit builder accounts will all assist you on the path to restoring a healthy credit score and maintaining it.

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Our Services

  • Repair

The first step in getting your financial life back is removing inaccurate information from your credit report. The law allows any consumer to challenge inaccurate information on their credit report if that consumer feels that the items are inaccurate.

  • Rebuild

The second step to restoring your credit is to rebuild it while we work on removing inaccurate information. It’s not enough just to remove negative items, but you must prove to FICO and the creditors that you can make your payments on time.

  • Raise Your Score

The third step to restoring your credit is to focus on raising your credit score. As we all know, the credit score is the number one factor when it comes to getting approved for a loan. If you have a low credit score, you can get denied or pay high interest rates.

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